Lindsey & Cody

For all the things my hand has held, the best by far is you.

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Man… to find the right words for this blog is a bit…tough-ish { today, that is a word 🙂 }.

This session was full of surprises… mud, rain, wind, more rain, more wind…did I mention wind?  Oh, and rain… each and every time we exited the pickup to snap a few… R.A.I.N.  Every time we got in the pickup to stay dry, it would instantly quit!  No kidding!  And the sun… I swear it was literally running away from us at every turn.  It was so frustrating, to say the least, especially for a photographer who bases everything on the light.  Regardless, I think we made good on a not-so-cooperative weather situation.

A quick snippet of historical backstory {very much pertinent to this session}:

My husband & I moved to ND in 2006 with only our oldest 2 children who were 5 & 3 at the time.  We had no family in the area to help out with our kids, my husband and I soon realized we needed to find a reliable sitter & fast!  Enter Lindsey.

Throughout the years Lindsey has held a very, very special place in our hearts.  We consider her our “oldest” daughter!  We love her THAT MUCH!  {Lindsey – you will have to have two father-daughter dances at your reception…. just sayin’.}  It has been such an honor & a deep privilege to watch her grow up into the beautiful woman she is today.  We couldn’t be more proud of you, Lindz!

Cody, you are a very lucky fella!  CJ will be keeping a watchful eye on the two of you as we entrust her beautiful soul into your care.  I have no doubt you will be an amazing partner for her!   Congratulations you two…looking forward to the wedding!


As beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!

I had the honor of spending an afternoon with this fun young lady!  What a full-circle moment for me as I have had the opportunity to watch this cowgirl grow up her entire life!  Thank you, Jada, for being a part of my real-life family as well as my client family!

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Jada Blog 1


“Progress always begins where your comfort zone ends.”

One of my favorite senior gals, Josie VandenBurg!!  We were finally able to get into the gym and finish up her senior portrait session.  Here are a few images from that session & a few from our time together this summer!  Thank you, Josie, for being such a joy to work with! I had an absolute blast!



Day 1 FB peek


One of the most sweet and funny senior girls I have ever worked with! LOVE. THIS. GIRL!

Another one of my favorite Carson/Flasher area seniors!  Katie is just as sweet as she is beautiful!  The oldest of a wonderful family, whom I adore!  Thank you, Katie, for being such a trooper and for all the laughs and fun!  I look forward to watching you excel in the next chapters of your life!  🙂Katie FB Blog

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