Martin + Teddy | Engaged

This fun filled engagement session was extraordinarily special for me for a few reasons; the first, engagements are always so full of love and energy it’s hard to not have your face hurt from the constant smiling { that would be me! }, and second, this wasn’t the first time I have had Mr. Marty in front of my camera.   Martin had been a senior client of mine … a few years back when I was in my “sophomore” stage in business!   The experience with Martin & his family during that session was a very memorable one for me and definitely one of my favorites, so when his beautiful fiance, Teddy, called to see if I would be available for their wedding I was over the moon excited & HONORED to be asked { SAVE THE DATE 12.1.18 }.

Martin & Teddy’s story kicked off at a wedding dance in Elgin, ND and 3+ years later, here they are!  Marty owns his own fencing business, Werner Fencing.  I would recommend it to anyone needing a straight, tight 3 wire fence…. we had to climb over/through a few & I can say with first hand experience, they are some great fences!

Teddy recently graduated from the University of Mary and is working as an RN in Bismarck.   It took less than 3 minutes with them to know that they are absolutely perfect for each other!  I was so thrilled to be a part of their engagement & I am looking forward to capturing all of the amazing memories at their wedding this December!

Thank you Martin & Teddy for being such good sports and allowing me to spend the time with you capturing these fun images!






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