Schmidt Family

This fun family session came about due to a tragedy some very dear friends of ours experienced earlier this Spring.   Our community hosted the most heartfelt benefit for them to which R.T.P. donated a full family session for the silent auction….. The Schmid Family took home the prize!

What can I say about this amazing little family!  These 3 beautiful children have a wide range of emotions, faces and energy that you can’t help but love!  Part of being a photographer is to capture the true personalities of those you are photographing and well, these three gave me everything they had!  It was entertaining & challenging but OH, SO MUCH FUN!

Parents understandably worry about whether their kids are behaving, listening, smiling at the camera, not getting dirty and standing still.  I ALWAYS tell them not to worry.  This moment of time will go by so fast and they will appreciate the goofy faces, the crying episodes { yes, you will miss them… eventually }, the dirty faces & stained “family photo clothes”.   The other bonus is you will have photographic proof that one day they will have children “just like them” – angels sent from Heaven above. 😉

A HUGE thank you Schmid’s for donating to such a special cause & for sharing your time & beautiful family with me.  I truly enjoyed every moment with you!







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